Steam Tracking

Well done. You’ve got your game on Steam. But you have no way to track which advertising campaign is bringing your players in. Now it is possible to drive effective marketing spend through proprietary Steam attribution technology provided by iQU’s partnership with Innervate.

iQU is using this pioneering technology that is specialized in allowing Steam game developers to track which player comes from which source. This feature will help you make more ROI justified investments during your Alpha/Beta phases of the game development process.


How it works?

iQU in collaboration with Innervate(Red Shell) implements a simple code in the advertiser’s game. Through that code iQU tracks and recognizes the players that are getting attributed through Steam Landing page.

A player’s browser is analyzed after the click of the publisher’s banner and the player lands on the Steam landing page where the game is installed.

As the matching player starts playing the game, he is recognized and identified as a conversion and attributed back to the marketing campaign.

How it works-01-01-01


The implementation is industry standard and the costs are low.
We can provide you with an SDK for Unity. For other engines, a connection with the Gamesight API is recommended.


Optimization through Matching Events

The attribution data that iQU now gets from the Steam post conversion tracking provides a better picture for additional source optimization. iQU uses this information to optimize its sources based on information like operating system, custom settings etc.

Steam Attribution
Reduced Risk Investment
Player Acquisition
Better Quality Players
ROI Control
Less Advertiser’s Work