How to get the most out of Steam for your game?


So your game in on Steam. Great, now what?

In today’s gaming world we can not image games without Steam – digital distribution platform that was developed by Valve Corporation about 10 years ago.

Some might say that the PC gaming is dead, but some will argue and say that PC gaming is still very much alive thanks to Steam which provides different services starting from digital rights management, multiplayer game hosting and social networking.

Over the years Steam has leveled the playing industry in many ways and without this service today most game developers can not image bringing their titles to the market.

With so much influence in the industry and around 125  million users in its database Steam has become a key point for games marketers who want to help developers get as much players as possible for their games.

Even though it’s not easy to launch your game on Steam, it’s even harder to get players and raise sales while your game is on the platform. Valve keep it’s community management on track by providing tips and advices on how to get as much as possible from Steam, so here are several wishlisht points to consider if you want to get more from Steam for your game:

  • Work on getting more useful user reviews – if you look at other games on Steam, you will see that almost everyone has at least “very positive” review score. To get more sales running you need more players who can view or buy your game if you have a good game to begin with. But most gamers dont really bother to share their reviews and  Valve doesn’t have any reliable metric of whether a game is great or not besides sales numbers. So want you can do is simply create a gamify way for people to write reviews the same way it’s gamified a lot of other things in Steam. For example, offer a trading card or a coupon for being among the first 200 or so people to review a game.
  • Hire more people for players support – Everyone on Steam complain about how bad the Steam Support is if you have a problem. To get your game more popular you need to have good communication with your players. So stop relaing on Steam and Valve support but hire your own poeple that will help you get the communication barrier up.
  • Don’t sale your game with too much discount – It’s pretty hard to raise a high price for your game on Steam. Try to go with a price which can be discounted and will get you enough players to start with.
  • Support your game with new and fresh content – it is a key element to stand out from the crowd and get your first profits within the first few  months. Supplying your game with free or paid new content will not only get you more sales, but will make your game more visible to Steam and the gaming media.  


As IQU is one of the world leading PA agencies we strongly believe that getting the right players for your game is the key most important fact when it comes to bringing your game to the market. That is why we partnered with Innervate (Gamesignt) to help you drive effective marketing spend through proprietary Steam attribution technology.

We are using this pioneering technology that is specialized in allowing Steam game developers to track which player comes from which source. This feature will help you make more ROI justified investments during your Alpha/Beta phases of the game development process.

How it works? – It’s very simple

Gamesight integrates a simple code or SDK/API into the game. Through that code iQU tracks and recognizes the players that are getting attributed through Steam’s Landing page.

A player’s browser is analyzed after the click of the publisher’s banner and the player lands on the Steam landing page where the game is installed.

As the matching player starts playing the game, he is recognized and identified as a conversion and attributed back to the marketing campaign.

Why choose IQU and Gamesight?

If you’ve already got your game on Steam and you are gaining players but can not track which advertising campaign is bringing your players in, this is the best options that:

  • will help you finally understand what is driving sales to your Steam game,
  • has flexible attribution for both view-through and click-through engagement
  • tracks influencers and content creators to benchmark performance and adjust payouts

And much much more.

To get more information about IQU’s Steam Tracking service visit our website or sent us an email