How to get the most out of Steam for your game?

So your game in on Steam. Great, now what? In today’s gaming world we cannot imagine games without Steam – digital distribution platform that was developed by Valve Corporation about 10 years ago. Some might say that the PC gaming is dead, but some will argue and say that PC gaming is still very much […]


MMOGames.com joined the Adspree media GmbH family

This year for us started with some really good news regarding our consumer facing games portal, MMOGames.com. In January we were glad to share the news with our partners and customers that the MMOGames.com news site has been acquired by Adspree media GmbH. Starting from the end of last year iQU’s has been focusing on […]


Telling your story through Influencer Marketing

One of the most popular and hottest trends in marketing for games in the past year has been influencer marketing, or in other words presenting and promoting your game through powerful individuals who can share your story to their millions of followers. Whether it’s a social media personality, a blogger with a killer fan base, […]


What to be excited for in 2017

2016 was a year of new technologies and trends, lots of spotlight towards game development industry and a big applause for new game releases. Still feeling the excitement and magic from this year we are eager to know what the gaming industry will offer in the new year. Here are some sneak peeks on what we […]


Brand Advertising Tips from the Game Marketers

Every developer of a game has one primary goal – to get more and more people playing it. But accomplishing that goal usually takes time, work, knowing your audience and out-of-the-box thinking. Whether there are only few players paying to play your game or you have thousands playing for free, the process of getting players […]