iQU's Branding Network

iQU directly manage advertising placements on games websites via our branding service through planning, delivering and reporting while automatically optimizing your campaign to get the best results.

We have traffic worldwide so that you can achieve your branding, awareness and player acquisition targets.

You decide the objectives, budgets and targeting and we do the rest to ensure you get the maximum exposure possible.

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Media Buying Channel

Buying media online is a great way to dramatically increase the number of players in your game cost effectively.

iQU know which sites and channels will work best for your game, we have a pre-defined list of interests and keywords to target and are able to choose the best creative for you to succeed with media buying for your game on sites like Google and Facebook.

IQU can assist with testing, planning, implementing and management to ensure your achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend.


Network Management

We work with 50 other websites, networks and agencies to manage media buying on CPM, CPC and fixed rate. This type of advertising is needed in additional to Performance Marketing to give you a market share and access to premium websites.

If your game approaches Beta or full launch we can help you to gain a large market presence and build the awareness of your game.

We have tools to calculate how much players are costing to send to your game and see how much these players spend thus creating a ROI on marketing spend. When the ROI exceeds the spend you can increase CPM/CPC media spend with the confidence you are making money.

Network Samples

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