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You are ready to promote your game on a performance basis. IQU can assist with testing, planning, implementing and managing to ensure you achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing spend.

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iQU can offer multiple Performance Network Solutions tailored to your preference and needs, from Media Channel Management to Network Management. Find out how we can optimize your campaigns by providing high-quality traffic.

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How iQU Optimize Sources

This is where iQU excel. We optimize over 100 campaigns a week to ensure that the pre defined KPI’s of the advertiser are exceeded. We have strict business rules to ensure these KPI’s are reached

  •  KPI Exceeded (e.g. 30% play rate) = Daily Lead Cap increased
  • 18% below KPI (e.g. 8% play rate) = Discussed with publisher and implement optimizations, re asses   in one week.
  • >8% below KPI (e.g. 3% play rate) = pause traffic sources
  • 5% Play rate = immediate pause and fraud detection process

How We Increase Traffic
Unique payout per traffic source, by monitoring ROI per traffic source and their subid, pricing can be set at a micro level on a daily basis with as little as 3 days data.

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We Manage over 100 Networks
 iQU already work with over 100 networks on a daily basis and are experts at getting you the best players from each network.  iQU are very experienced in doing this and will discuss type of traffic source pre launch and ensure sub id traffic quality hits KPI’s. You will receive real time data and weekly summary's from iQU with actions taken to ensure we are hitting your KPI’s.
iQU PlatformLog in any time and see any report
Monthly ROI reportSpend, Active players, ROI on a game/territory level/Sub Id level
Fraud ReportGet a list of the publishers we have found to be fraudulent so you can block them for future
Creatives ReportGet feedback on which banners have better performance on your campaigns.

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Managing Your Network And Pipeline

We manage Performance Marketing Networks on your behalf. Managing networks is time consuming and a mine field to select and optimize. iQU has agreements with over 100 networks and can determine which are the best to promote your game based on game type, countries selected, volume of players required and your payout.

What We Do

  • Discuss your game with over 100 networks
  • Look at previous performance on network and subID level.
  • Have agreements already so no individual IO's or prepayments needed.
  • Manage all communication saving you hundreds of hours a month
  • Manage all optimization reports and payments so you only have to work with us.

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