Telling your story through Influencer Marketing


One of the most popular and hottest trends in marketing for games in the past year has been influencer marketing, or in other words presenting and promoting your game through powerful individuals who can share your story to their millions of followers.

Whether it’s a social media personality, a blogger with a killer fan base, or one of the best-known gamers in the world, this marketing strategy provides you with the most organic results by reaching out to the right audience segment for your game.

According to the statistics, 59% of all marketers use this tool and more are planning to use it in the year to come. And according to Google, 90 percent of gamers watch YouTube videos at least once a week for game advancement tips, gameplay and game discovery.

But the main reason for using this approach isn’t just that it’s the fastest-growing channel for player acquisition; it’s also the most cost effective, returning $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media. This means that working with influencers can give you 16 times more engagement than paid or owned media.

Here are some influencer marketing trends that you can keep up with and use in your own marketing strategy for your game.

  • Targeted measurement – these days, when it comes to measuring a marketing campaign’s success, it’s easy to be drowned in numbers and in KPIs that outline a level of detail that was previously unheard of. By using the right channel and influencer, you can start a campaign that targets a specific audience and gives you back granular measurements, helping you design a better product for your audience.
  • Influencers as content creators – in most cases, influencers create their own content using your story but re-telling it in a way that appeals to their particular audience. That way they drive a bigger section of their audience to your game. In these situations, the influencer is not working in tandem with other promotional methods; this potential – and very segmented – part of your audience comes from just one channel: the influencer.
  • Platform agnosticism, especially regarding video – when it comes to promotion of your game, influencers can be everywhere and most of them are. Many game influencers will only focus on your game when they are making video reviews on Youtube, but other platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch and much more should not be excluded from your Influencer Marketing strategy.

There are many games on the market now, so standing out and creating a story that reaches out to your millions of potential followers takes time, effort and budget. Having high-quality influencers is one of the best approaches for doing this and for building relationships with a specific segment of the audience for your game.

iQU can help you plan and execute your influencer marketing strategy. We will advertise your message through established names and beloved critics on dedicated gaming platforms.

Among the wide range of the influencer marketing services that we offer, you can choose from: preview/review videos, live-streams, tournaments, cosplay, game songs and drawing contests.

Our experience in the game industry will ensure that your game is promoted via the right channels and will reach the right audience before and/or during launch. Learn more by visiting our services page.