The importance of proper user registration flows and landing page contents, when designing a successful performance marketing campaign

What Makes a Successful Games Performance Marketing Campaign? PART 2/4: On-Boarding Your Players Easily – Registration Flows & Landing Page

Welcome to the second part of our 4-post series, detailing what elements most game advertisers and publishers should consider in order to maximize their campaign results! Previously, we covered the topic of which ad deal metrics are best to consider, as well as their pros and cons. Check it out here! This week, we continue […]

The benefits and future importance of interactive ads in online gaming

The Current Performance and Future Potential of Interactive Ads in the Gaming Industry

Interactive ads have been used in the gaming industry for several years now, however, they have only recently begun demonstrating their true potential. Such advertisements present their viewers with the option to interact with the content being presented – mostly through short, playable demos of other games or an interactive component to a video ad. […]