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We promote online and mobile ‘free to play’ games including Star Wars, World of Tanks, Eve Online, Candy Crush and 1,000s more. We help the game developer obtain and monetize their players. Our partners include EA, Kabam, and Warner Brothers. We provide various roles and projects that will give you a practical introduction into the commercial side of the gaming industry. If you are passionate about online marketing, sales, content, journalism, development or IT, then we have a role for you.

“I studied a marketing internship and loved every minute. I am now a full time member of the iQU marketing team and am able to develop in all areas of marketing from branding and strategy to events, sponsorship and CRM.”

Ozan Tural

“The internship iQU offers is one of a kind. I greatly improved my skills and knowledge about the online marketing industry and had a great time doing so. You will find a company culture that offers a unique balance between learning and having fun.”

Rick Beljaars

I have learned more at my internship about the gaming industry and online marketing than in 4 years of school. At I got all the room and time to work at my thesis and develop my own personal skills. Here at iQU there is always the possibility if you perform well to get hired after internships. I’m now 3 years further and I still love to work at iQU.”

Mark Luijks

“I completed my internship with which gave me a great introduction to the business side of the games industry. I now work at iQU while i’m completing my studies and my duties focus on speaking to different websites around the world and the coolest games.”

Levi Witmer

"With the help of my manager and the entire iQU staff, I successfully completed my graduation internship. In the process, I was able to develop many different, yet all essential skills for the field of Marketing, and I am excited to continue doing so in such an inviting and internationally-oriented environment, now that I have been promoted to an employee of iQU."

Ayet Bayrami

“iQU has been an amazing place for me to start my career in digital marketing. As an intern, I have received proper opportunities to handle real clients and big budgets, thus feel responsible for the success of the company. Their trust in me meant a lot when I was just starting in this industry, a rare thing to find in internships. I am still with iQU today!”

Andra Vanghelie

“I did a six-month internship at iQU and could easily combine working for iQU and working on my thesis. During this internship I found my dream job in the media buying department and I got hired right after I graduated.”

Martin Hammerseth


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Pick one of the projects below or choose your own

You will conduct a large-scale project to identify and enumerate all the marketing partners through mobile technology. By doing so valuable market information will be revealed which allows informed strategic decision-making.

You will conduct a large-scale project to identify and enumerate all the marketing partners through mobile technology. By doing so valuable market information will be revealed which allows informed strategic decision-making.

We target players directly and indirectly. Our Publishers play a critical role in delivering our products and strategies. You will be responsible for bringing the capability levels of our distributors to a higher level through strategic and tactical initiatives.

Based on the sales strategy you help to define relevant activation programs by brand and channel ensuring through the line communication consistent with the brand plans and sales strategies.

When we understand the market and have the right strategy in place, it’s time to ensure flawless execution at the point of consumption. The implementation of CRM is often required to lift sales execution to a higher level.

Digital and trade event, brand building activities must be evaluated, compared with the market, planned and executed to achieve our brand objectives.

Analyze customer movements in the gaming market based on existing reports covering topics such as gaming segments (PC, console, and mobile movements), consequences of segment movements, the release of blockbusters compared to smaller titles, international growth markets and the change in payment practices. Set up various forecasts for the coming year.

Analyze the numbers of page impressions based on distribution channels, publication time, the day of the week and factor in the item/topic. Create a content publication strategy with the strategic use of social media and distribution and optimized times of day and week to achieve the maximum amount of impressions.

Filter out the most important companies to get connected, based on the number of advertising placements around the web, competitor activities, upcoming titles, and announced company strategy publications. Create a strategy for reaching out, meeting at events and offering special packages.

Create a profile for different types of clients, based on their needs, wishes, performance, and type of game (genre). Use existing sales and conversion data, game success numbers and compare to other affiliate platforms. Profiles should be pinpointing to different approaches, offer types and strategic application.

Become familiar with SEO/SEM and provide in-depth analysis of current website approaches, marking out what is successful and what isn’t. Focus on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and provide suggestions for optimization on each area. Create a Support Plan for all iQU publishers, to implement and reach higher results for the individual portals, leading to higher conversions.