iQU is a game marketing agency that offers solutions for both the Online and Mobile market.

We offer years of experience in how to develop a product that appeals to your audience, in early development stages we can consult on monetization models and creative solutions. When you are ready for launch we can recommend the most profitable target markets and player acquisition services that will provide you with the highest quality players.



We have years of experiences when it comes to adding value to online games, from creating landing pages to delivering high-quality creative material to improve the engagement of your audience. To determining KPI’s, A/B test your creatives and optimizing your campaigns, we deliver the best players to you.  iQU will be able to support the growth of your game.



Our specialized business unit will be able to provide you with the latest market insights, developments and trends. Whether it comes to monetization options, analytics, LTV, strategy, soft launching or media planning. iQU can ensure the smooth launch of your game in the ever-changing mobile landscape.


Our Consultancy Process

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Case Studies

  • Avakin-Life
    Case Study: Avakin Life

    Mobile Consultancy

    Client: Lockwood Publishing

  • Erectus_The_Game
    Case Study: Erectus The Game

    Market Insight & Benchmarking

    Client: Maata Games

  • Asterix and Friends
    Case Study: Asterix & Friends

    KPI Setting

    Client: Asterix & Friends