A Strategic Approach to
Your Next Game Campaign

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In order for a game campaign to be truly successful,
a variety of factors need to be executed perfectly,
and this is rarely the case, unfortunately.

This 1st webinar aims to discuss the main game
campaign launch obstacles
, and to propose an
ideal strategic solution
for tackling them all
through unification and complementation.

The webinar will be held on 30.01.2019
17:00 pm Central European Time via Zoom.


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A game launch involves far too many
and necessary activities.

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Different vendors handling each makes for
uncorrelated and dispersed campaign efforts.

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Relying on such parties also means higher
expenses and more opportunity costs.


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strategic approach that handles
them all under one roof.

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functionally-organized macro media
based on relevant know-how.

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A holistic way of achieving added value
with fewer resource requirements.


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A unified and structured reporting system
helped by a campaign "helicopter view".

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Achieving complementary and
self-enhancing campaign results.

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Observing significant resource
savings and incremental ROI growth.

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