About iQU

Short Story About Our Company

We are a digital agency dedicated to games, providing services in the field of player acquisition through performance, influencer and branding media strategies. A relatively small but powerfull team of 30 people located in one of the most beautifull cities of the Netherlands, Haarlem.

iQU has been exclusively in the gaming sector since 2009. We have been helping game developers to bring their games to the market and grow them via player acquisition.

  1. Jan, 2009
    Birth of MMOLife - Launch of Localized MMO Portals
  2. Jan, 2011
    Rebranding to iQU
  3. Jan, 2013
    Launch of Mobile Services
  4. Jan, 2014
    iQU goes international - US Office Officially Opens
  5. Jan, 2015
    20 Million Players Acquired
  6. Jan, 2017
    Becoming the Player acquisition Strategists
  7. Jan, 2018
    Start of In-house media buying team
  8. Jan, 2021
    40 Million Players Acquired

Meet The Teams

Miranda Schilpzand



Bram Steur


Advertiser Partnerships

Pawel Śliwowski

Director of Publisher Management

Publisher Partnerships

Excellent Support
By having 24/7 support ready
Awesome Team
With over 10+ nationalities
Faster Performance
Due to our leading industry knowledge

Our Vision

We Help Grow Great Games

Our Mission

iQU combines industry experience with cutting-edge tools to optimize the player journey and reach new audiences

Our Case Studies

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Brawl of ages


World of tanks