Performance Marketing
iQU offers multiple digital solutions tailored to your user acquisition needs. From custom media channel to ad-exchange management, find out how we can optimize your campaigns and provide you with the highest quality players. 
iQU directly manages your branding campaign through advertising placements on gaming websites. We have traffic worldwide to help you achieve your brand awareness and user acquisition targets. You decide the objectives, budgets and targeting and we do the rest to ensure that you get the maximum exposure possible.
Tell your story to the world's top influencers. iQU helps you plan and execute your influencer marketing strategy. We advertise your message through the influencer on dedicated gaming platforms by established names and loved critics. iQU takes over all your influencer needs and works with +60 influencer networks and its own influencer database. We build long tail cross-device branding campaigns but also offer high impact performance based influencer marketing.
Media Buying
iQU knows which sites and channels will work best for your online or mobile game. We have a pre-defined list of interests and keywords to target. We can choose the best audiences for you to succeed with media buying for your game on sites like Google and Facebook.

A vast amount of resources will be at your fingertips with exclusive traffic solutions, private distribution platform, conversion tracking and optimization tools.With your dedicated personal account manager, you are always in control of your campaigns and develop and grow your games.

Fraud Detection
Flexible Pricing
Real-time Optimization
Thorough reports
Personal Account Management
High Quality Players

We constantly monitor and document the performance of your game (including post conversion KPIs) through our proprietary tool that creates a unique algorithm for your campaign. This is where iQU excels. We optimize over 100 campaigns a week to ensure the pre-defined KPIs are exceeded.

With 9 years of experience in this sector, we have all the resources you need in order to introduce your game to the right audience. We know exactly where to place your game and how to communicate with the audience you want. Our network consists of hundreds of websites and categories.

All standard banner formats
In-Content Adverts
Special Features
Geo-Targetting of Campaigns
Site Takeovers
Frequency Capping

We have access to the finest positioning inventory and know how you can achieve your brand awareness opjectives. By constantly re-evaluating the delivery and with the use of extensive repots and analysis we will ensure your ad banners get the best exposure.

How and when you communicate with your players is a vital element of any marketing communication plan. IQU assists with the messaging , communication points and execution to your players.

Take away all the care
Dedicated to Gaming
High Impact Campaigns
Self Service Platforms
Thorough Reporting
Top Influencers

Our influencer marketing as a service will allow you to increase engagement with players which leads to increased play time and ultimately spend in the game.

Buying media is a great way and cost-effective in increasing the number of players in your game dramatically. iQU can assist with testing, planning, implementing and management of media buying campaigns to ensure you achieve the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing spend.

Real-time Optimizations
AB Testing
KPI Setting
Thorough reports
Personal Account Management
High Quality Players

We are able to use multiple channels to promote your game and will choose the best creatives for you to succeed on channels such as Google and Facebook.